Current position: Features business

International Freight Forwarders
       Our company has become the shipping agent of RTZ Ningbo, acting as the sole agent for RTZ's business and operation in Ningbo. The Russian Railway Collection launched a new multimodal transport service from China to various regions of Russia via Dongfang Port. It started from Taicang Port and Ningbo Port in China and transported goods to various regions of Russia through the wharf of Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company. The service aims to provide small, medium and large enterprises with transportation of consumer goods from China to Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and other Russian cities.
       In South America, many high-quality shipping companies, such as WHL, YML, EMC, TFL, etc., provide us with the following services: South America, West (such as MANZANILLO. LAZARO. SANANTONIO, etc.), South America, East (such as SANTOS. RIO DE JANEIRO. BUENOS AIRES, etc.), and Mexico customs clearance, warehousing, trailer, express delivery, etc., to keep improving to meet the customer's needs for the whole process, so that the goods carried can be more and better guaranteed.
       Our company has newly opened the business of renting and hiring self owned boxes, which has increased the response plan to the diversity of customer needs, and can provide more logistics solutions for corresponding customers.